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Sheila Darrah, Vermont – 2002

Sheila Darrah, Vermont – 2002

Sheila has been a teacher of physical education and coach of girls’ basketball softball, field hockey, and of co-ed golf for thirty years.  In recent years, her coaching has primarily focused on co-ed golf.

Her league/board affiliations include the Northern Vermont Athletic Conference, with which she has been involved for 25 years, and the Vermont State Women’s Golf Association, in which she has a long-time membership.

Coaching experiences in basketball, softball and field hockey took place before the 1970’s, so the records for those years are unavailable.  Golf records are also not available.

Teams coached by Sheila have participated in tournament play, including girls’ basketball which, in 1975 made the quarter finals and in 1976 the semi-finals.

In 1991, boys’ varsity golf made the finals and in 1999 and 2000, the girls’ varsity golf made the finals.

Sheila was the Vermont State Women’s Golf Champion in 1981, 1982, and 1984.  She was recognized by the Vermont Athletic Conference for 25 years of excellence in coaching.