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April Bliss Higgins, Vermont – 2004

April Bliss Higgins, Vermont – 2004

April is currently a math teacher and softball coach at Rutland High School in Vermont.

April has been a softball coach for 25 years working with Minor League, Little League and Senior League Softball.  She has also been an assistant basketball coach at Essex (VT) High School, a junior varsity softball coach at Rutland (VT) High School, and a varsity basketball coach at Willianstown (VT) High School.  For 5 years April umpired varsity softball.

She has been affiliated with the Vermont softball Coaches Association since 1990, the Vermont Basketball coaches Association (1986-1995), and the National Federation from 1985-1995.

Exact win/loss records are not available, but April has 100+ wins as a varsity basketball coach and over 100 wins as a varsity softball coach with about a .750 winning percentage.  Her team won the Division I Softball championship in 1990 and in 1999.  She has also coached in numerous state semifinal games in both softball and basketball.  Her teams have won five State Championships in Little League/Senior League Softball and she has coached in five New England All-Star Tournaments.