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Brenda Sullivan, Massachusetts – 2015

Brenda Sullivan, Massachusetts – 2015

Brenda Sullivan is currently a teacher in the town of Maynard, Massachusetts, where she has worked for 16 years.  She has been coaching for 25 years and has been involved with the Girl Scouts for 31 years.

She received her BS in communication media in 1984 from Central Connecticut State University, a BA in education in 1999 and an administration degree in 2001 from Atlantic Union College, and a CAGS in moderate disabilities from American International College in 2012.

Brenda currently coaches track (25 years) and field hockey (24 years) at Maynard High School.  She is a class advisor and the yearbook advisor.  She is a member of the Maynard Emblem Club, the Maynard Boosters Club, Maynard Friends of WAVM (town radio and cable station), and the Maynard Music Association.  She is the assistant director of a summer camp, is involved with Relay for Life, and has been a religious education teacher for 18 years.  She belongs to state organizations for both track and field hockey.

As a varsity coach of two sports, Coach Sullivan continues to guide and support her student-athletes.  “Over the years I have played so many roles for these young ladies: helping them get into college, grieving with them in a loss, building confidence, tutoring, and helping them celebrate accomplishments.”

“As a coach there is an opportunity to instill positive values in athletes; my teams do at least two community service projects per season.  It is so important to instill the mind set of ‘giving back’ into our youth.  I always hope that my students, my athletes, and my advisees see that in me and know how important it is to not only be the best you can be, but to help others become the best they can be.”