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Caryl M. Newhoff, Massachusetts – 1989

Caryl M. Newhoff, Massachusetts – 1989

Caryl, a Professor of Exercise and Sport Studies at Smith College, has for a number of years been active both as a coach and as a participant in field hockey and lacrosse.

She has coached in the Hampshire Field Hockey Association , at Smith, at Merestead Hockey and Lacrosse Camps, at Sargent Camp, and at the USFHA Developmental Camps.

She has also held national ratings in basketball (1948-1965) and hockey (1954-1987).  She has umpired at EAIAW and AIAW championship tournaments and at international tournaments in Holland (1959) and in the United States (1963).  She was a member of the International Rules Committee from 1959 to 1967.

Caryl is a member of the Boston University Athletic Hall of Fame, and has received the National Honorary Umpire’s Award.  She has participated on the United States Field Hockey Touring Teams.