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Christine Davis, Massachusetts – January, 1995

Christine Davis, Massachusetts – January, 1995

Christine, a 1976 graduate of Springfield College and a 1979 graduate of Smith College, is a member of the Department of Exercise and Sport Studies at Smith.

Her professional activities have included working on various NCAA committees: Division III Women’s Tennis Committee, Division III East Regional Advisory Chair for women’s Tennis, Eastern Regional Tennis Selection Committee, Division III Championships in Atlanta, and delegate to convention in Nashville.  She has also been involved in the organization and execution of tournament play.

Christine has been active in professional associations including the Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches Association, women’s Division III National Ranking Chair, and Sports Commissioner-Elect and Executive Board member for MAIAW.

She has participated in numerous tennis seeding and selection and rules committees for local, regional, and collegiate tournaments, and has been the Co-Director of the winter youth development tennis program in Northampton, MA.  In recognition of her intensive involvement in tennis, she was presented the National UNTA/Volvo/ITCA coaches Community Service Award.
Christine is an active tennis participant as well as author of several tennis publications.