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Deb Warner, Vermont – 2005

Deb Warner, Vermont – 2005

“After graduating from Johnson State College (VT), I missed being a player in sports and athletics.  I was approached in 1981 to officiate field hockey.  As my love for officiating grew, I added softball officiating to my life.  When women’s lacrosse started to grow in Vermont at the high school level, I became an official in this sport as well.  Eventually I chose lacrosse over softball as the conflicted.  Through the years, I have improved my skills and my ratings in field hockey and lacrosse.  I have also been elected for leadership roles and have served on boards at the local, state, and national levels.”

Deb has been affiliated with the Vermont Field Hockey Umpires’ Association 1981 – present where she has been the high school assigner from 1991 to the present; the Vermont Principals Association Field Hockey Committee, 1992 – present; Vermont Field Hockey Umpire’s Association, Executive Operating Committee, 1995 – present; and the USFHA Northeast Chair, 1999-2001.  Her softball affiliations include: the Vermont Softball Officials/ASA Softball Officials, 1989-1995, and the ASA Vermont Women’s Softball Commissioner, 1996-1999.  Deb’s lacrosse affiliations include: the Vermont Women’s Lacrosse Umpire’s Association, 1994 – present, high school assigner, 1994-1996; and the Vermont Lacrosse Umpire’s Association, local chair, 2004-present.

Joan’s ratings in field hockey include: Apprentice – 1981, Local – 1982-1990, and Sectional 1990-present.  In lacrosse she holds: Local – 1994 and district – 2000-present.  She also officiates all levels of softball.

She has officiated in high school field hockey championships in 1988-1998 and from 2000-2004.  She has officiated high school post season play from 1995-present and in collegiate post season in 1997, 1998, 2001and 2002.  High schools softball post season officiating from 1989-1995.  Field hockey USFHA National Futures Tournament in 1999, 2004, and 2005. She officiated lacrosse high school championships in 1995-1998, and 2000-2005.

Deb has participated in the Merestead Field Hockey Umpires’ Camp and attended USFHA sanctioned camps from 1981 – present.  She has also attended the United States Lacrosse Association National Rules Convention in 2004 and 2005.  She participates yearly in high school rules clinics in field hockey and lacrosse.

Deb was inducted into the Johnson State College Athletic Hall of Fame in 2001.  In 1991, the Vermont Field Hockey Coaches Association named her the Official of the Year.