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Dolly Sullivan, Massachusetts – Jan, 1995

Dolly Sullivan, Massachusetts – Jan, 1995

Dorothy “Dolly” Sullivan taught and coached at Milton Academy for over 40 years.  She coached basketball, field hockey, and softball.  For many years she coached for the Boston Field Hockey Association.

Dolly was a rated official in softball, field hockey, and lacrosse.  She was one of the first recipients of the Honorary Lifetime pin given by the

Boston Board of Officials.

An avid golfer, she was introduced to that game by her uncle, Francis Oiumet, a nationally rated golfer.

She was one of the early advocates for female leadership in Milton Academy’s athletic programs.  Needless to say, she was disturbed when, through league reorganization in the private schools, males began to receive officiating and coaching assignments.

Dolly was an All-American in field hockey and lacrosse, and was the first woman in the Northeastern University Hall of Fame.  She held five South Shore golf championships and won the state finals championship in 1952.