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Eugenia Gillan, Massachusetts – 2012

Eugenia Gillan, Massachusetts – 2012


In her late twenties and after the birth of her daughter, Eugenia went back to the pool for needed exercise and discovered the sport of synchronized swimming.  “The rest is history” she says as she fell in love with the sport and how well it fit into her interest of developing character in young women.  She is an engineer by profession and a coach by passionate choice.

Besides being a teacher of specific skills, Eugenia is a coach who teaches her athletes about working together, what it means to be a leader, how to be a communicator, how to utilize organizational skills and deal with time management –skills they will need in their day to day lives.  Through her career, she has learned from the best, succeeded on her own merits, and passed her passion on to many of her athletes who are now coaches.

Currently, Coach Gillan is head coach of the Boston University synchronized swimming team.  She is also the secretary for the US Synchronized Swimming Board of Directors, and a nationally ranked official.

Eugenia is currently running National Team Skills clinics and evaluations which give her the opportunity to work with the best swimmers in the country.  How does Eugenia feel about this?  “I just love doing what I do !!!”