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Evelyn Jakub, Massachusetts – 2007

Evelyn Jakub, Massachusetts – 2007

Evelyn is currently involved with coaching the Guilford Central fitness team, cross country team and a jump rope club.  Prior to Evelyn’s present activities, she coached varsity girls’ track and gymnastics at Greenfield High School, and YMCA gymnastics and synchronized swimming.  She has also been a regional gymnastics judge and a track official.

Her affiliations include NEA, AAHPERD, Leader’s School Management Team, N.E. Regional YMCA Synchronized Swimming Commissioner, and New England YMCA Sports Council – Gymnastics.  Evelyn has been recognized for her many successes; she received the Laveaga Award (1975) and the Jurst-Williams Award (1976) for excellence in Girls and Women’s Physical Education in the YMCA.  She was also selected A.S.A delegate from the U.S. to the IX World YMCA Health and Physical Education Consultation in July 1976, during the Olympic Games held in Montreal.

“I returned to the work force full time when my children were all in school.  I taught at several local elementary schools in our area.  At each of these schools I looked for opportunities for before and after school activities that promoted fitness for my students.  I have had the opportunity to work nationally as a consultant in the development of family and children’s programs for McDonald’s Leaps & Bounds and Discovery Zone.”

“My goal is to continue to develop new and innovative programs in P. E. that emphasize the development of a healthy life style.  I look for ways to connect my students with a variety of individual, team and life long activities that will enhance their health and fitness in an enjoyable way.”