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Frances Corcoran, Massachusetts – 2000

Frances Corcoran, Massachusetts – 2000

Frances began her professional career as a part-time instructor with the Marlboro Recreation Department from 1952-1956 while attending college.  She is a member of the class of 1956, Boston-Bouve School.  During her extensive professional career, she served as the director of physical education for girls at Somerset High School, where she also coached all girls’ sports from 1956-1970.  During that time, she also coached several girls’ AAU track meets during the summers from 1956-1967.

In 1969, following her recuperation from a swimming injury, she changed positions and moved to Westborough Junior High School where she taught physical education and directed a year-round intramural program (1970-1988).

Frances was a very active official.  She officiated basketball (1954-1958), field hockey (1954-1956) and softball (1954-1958).

Her extensive coaching career included coaching at Somerset High School: volleyball (1957-1970), varsity coach for field hockey (1956-1969), varsity and JV coach for softball (1956-1970), and varsity track coach (1956-1962).  While in the Westborough Public Schools, Frances served as varsity field hockey coach (1975) and varsity and JV volleyball coach (1976-1988).

Frances was affiliated with the Narragansett League from 1956-1988, with the Bristol County Girls’ League from 1958-1970, and with the Midland League from 1975-1988.  She served the Narragansett League as secretary from 1956-1958 and as the secretary-treasurer and president of the Bristol County League each for a two-year term.

Frances coached during the period when records for girls’ athletics were not kept.  Each of her teams at Somerset High School – field hockey, volleyball, basketball, and softball – won at least a total of 100 games.  Her teams won a total of 25 league championships and were runners-up 19 times.  Her coaching record at Westborough High School includes a field hockey record above 500% and from 1976-1988 her volleyball teams were perennial runners-up, but there are no records.

Post season tournament play included participation in basketball playoffs (1957-1959) in Narragansett and Bristol County League playoffs and in volleyball (1977-1987) in State Tournament play.