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Grace Robertson, Massachusetts – 2002

Grace Robertson, Massachusetts – 2002

Grace’s first experience into the world of coaching/officiating/advocacy came in college where, in a liberal arts institution, she earned a National Volleyball rating and an Archery Instructor rating

“My involvement in sports began long before that, first as a baseball fan in Brooklyn, home of the dodgers, and as a competitive roller skater.  Advocacy began almost as soon.  Competitive sports for girls were forbidden in NYC high schools in those days of the 1940’s, but I well remember the indignation and the trips to meetings of the Board of Education trying to change that position which, unfortunately, came much later.  After college it was on to a Master’s degree in physical education at Smith College where, after being forced to give up my original thesis topic on developing a system of notation for recording synchronized swimming routines, I sat bolt upright in bed at 2:00 am and declared I would do the history of the USFHA.  Hockey was a sport I had never heard of until I went to Smith, but the thesis hooked me forever.  Field Hockey has been a way of life.  I began my teaching career at the university level, but soon moved to the secondary level where I felt, in the late 1950’s, there was a greater opportunity to mold the thinking and attitude of girls toward sports.”

Grace is affiliated with the Massachusetts men’s field hockey umpires and with the New England Preparatory School Swimming Association.  While coaching with the New England Preparatory School Swimming Association her teams won several championships: Girls Team Champions, 1973-1974, Girls Diving Champions, 1974-1975, and the Boys Diving Champion, 2002.  She has also been affiliated with the National Archery Association where her teams have won the National Division Mail Tournament various times from 1958-1965, and the Eastern Individual Junior Championship in 1963.  She was the organizer of the first New England Preparatory School girls’ championship in 1972 and has participated in it since then.  She was the diving coordinator for the NEPSSA championship from 2000-2002.  She has served as President of the MAFHA, chair of the NEFHA, president of the Hampshire FHA, vice president/treasurer for the International Federation Women’s Hockey Association, and the FIH Council.  Dorothy is currently a member of and director with the Pan American Field Hockey Association.  She is the editor for the NAGWS Archery Guide and is a director with the Teela Wooket Archery Camp.

She was a member of the Field Hockey Jury of Appeal for the 1984 Olympics and with the World Cup Jury of Appeal from 1983-1986.  She officiated at the US National Tournament and Festival from 1965-1995.

Her tennis teams won the National Grass Court Championships in the 1960’s and the Pennsylvania State Open Championships in the 1960’s.

Grace’s many awards and recognitions include: Honorary membership with the USFHA and the NEFHA – which has named the Northeast Tournament the Grace Robertson Tournament, and an honorary member in the Hampshire FHA.  She has received the President’s Award from the International Hockey Federation; Coaches Award from the New England Preparatory School Swimming Association, the Honor Award and an AAA Instructor’s rating from the Teela Wooket Archery Camp, and the Service Award from the Athletic Institute.