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Heather Scudder, Vermont – 2008

Heather Scudder, Vermont – 2008

Heather wrote “Looking back on my life, I have learned through athletics that adversity can lead to triumph.  That there are lessons to be learned and battles won that have nothing to do with the scores.  That I believe in rallies, comebacks and underdogs.  That despite overwhelming odds, today may be your day; if only you believe.”

For the past 21 years, Heather has taught and coached field hockey at Hartford High School in Hartford, CT.  She has also coached basketball, track and field, and swimming at different levels at Hartford HS.  During the summer months, Heather runs her own youth camp as well as working at other camps.

Coach Scudder believes “that high school athletics is the culmination of years of team play and individual skill and social development.  The true reward for the athletes isn’t winning a championship but enjoying the opportunity to participate and compete.  The joy is the journey.”

As a coach, Heather is a positive role model and tries to live her life as a way of showing respect for all the coaches who have made a difference in the past.  She carries on this tradition with honor.