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Jane Betts, Massachusetts – 1993

Jane Betts, Massachusetts – 1993

Jane began her career in Indiana as a coach, official, and administrator in 1965 and continued in that capacity until 1976.  She has been at MIT for many years and was recently appointed the Senior Athletic Administrator at that institution.

Jane has been a long-time advocate for women’s athletics.  While in Indiana, she was co-founder of the Women’s Intercollegiate Sports Organization, president of the EAIAW Division II, vice president for AIAW, co-founder of the New-8 Conference, president of MAIAW, and helped to organize the Massachusetts delegation for the Title IX Washington march.

Among the honors received by Jane are the Athletic Achievement Award from Franklin College, the Merit Award from MAIAW, and the Katherine Ley Award from ECAC.

Women’s athletics at the state, regional, and national levels have benefitted from her involvement as a board member, officer, and conference and meet director.