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Jane Stanton Grilley, Connecticut – 2021

Jane Stanton Grilley, Connecticut – 2021

After graduating from Penn State University, Jane Grilley jumped right into finding her niche in women’s sport. Teaching, coaching, officiating and advocating for girls and women in sport, this multi-talented leader, like many other New Agenda members has been involved in many sports (basketball, gymnastics, track and field, softball and cheerleading).

Jane has spent time as a field hockey assigner and clinician training new officials. She has also not limited her talents to working only in education; additionally she has been involved in recreational endeavors such as coaching at the National Senior Games, organizing a women’s softball team, creating a girl’s recreational gymnastics program and administering summer sports leagues.

If 45 plus years of athletic endeavors aren’t enough, Jane is also a mother and foster parent and credits a former teacher and coach for modeling for her all that’s possible in the world of athletics.

“As a player, parent, coach, administrator, or mentor, I found joy in watching girls and women succeed in acquiring skills, fulfilling personal goals, and becoming committed teammates. Each of these girls and women has added much to my identity also, strengthening me to share more of myself as the future unfolds.”