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Jennifer S. Oakes, Vermont – 2004

Jennifer S. Oakes, Vermont – 2004

Jennifer has been involved in girls and women in sports as a middle school coach of soccer for 30 years, basketball for 32 years, and softball for 30 years.  She has served as the middle school Athletic Director at Williston (VT) Middle School.  Her career has included working at the college level where she coached B Team basketball (3 years) and club soccer (2 years).  She has also been a field hockey umpire in the Vermont High School Field Hockey Association for 13 years.

Her league/board affiliations include working with the Chittenden County Area Athletic Directors.  She also organized the Middle School soccer Athletic Directors.

Win/loss statistics are not available but Jennifer remembers that her teams lost only one basketball game in season and one midseason tournament game.  This year her team had a record of 15-2.  Jennifer also worked as a field hockey official for high school final games.  She organized both the field hockey and soccer programs for the girls’ athletic program at Williston High School.

At the collegiate level, Jennifer has been the official timer for the UVM Basketball games for 20 years and the time for the America East Tournament.  She has also been the timer for the high school girls’ basketball finals.  In soccer, Jennifer has coached middle school soccer finals in CSSU and Camels Hump/Brown’s River Tournaments.

Jennifer is a member of the UVM Hall of Fame (2002).  She is currently a physical educator and Athletic Director at Williston High School in Vermont.

“It has been my pleasure to work with young women as a physical educator and coach.  There are many others who have participated in making sports available for young women throughout New England.  I have been simply available to help out in whatever way I could to encourage women’s participation.”