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Kathleen Bertrand, Massachusetts – 2008

Kathleen Bertrand, Massachusetts – 2008

As a health and physical education teacher in the Quincy Public Schools for 35 years, Kathleen fought for equal pay for women in the 1970’s.  A Bridgewater State College graduate with BS and MS degrees, she went on to get a MA in Critical and Creative Thinking from UMass, Boston in 1996.  Her masters thesis was a children’s book titled Maddy and the Magic Glove, a fictional story about a woman and baseball. 

Kathleen is currently a staff writer for the All American Girls Professional Baseball League newsletter, interviewing all living members of the league for personal stories of what happened in their lives after the league folded in 1954.  At present she writes an informational column titled “Yesterday’s News” for the newsletter that includes fun facts and news about the players and the league.

In 1977, Kathleen was a MAPHERD convention guest speaker.  She spoke about the “Poly-Arts” approach and presented the Poly-Arts Program, “Peter Pan”.

 She is a member of Business Gals in Sports, honoring and promoting women in sports since 1995.  Kathleen is also a collector of women’s sports memorabilia.

“As an advocate for women in sports I believe the continuing struggle for equality for women in sports is part of a larger life struggle for women to be recognized for their achievements and to be rewarded with leadership roles.”