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Kathleen L. Murphy, Massachusetts – 2000

Kathleen L. Murphy, Massachusetts – 2000

Kathleen has had an extensive career as a coach of girls’ athletic teams at Murdock High School, Winchendon, MA.  She has served as a varsity girls’ basketball coach for 25 years, varsity softball coach for 27 years, and varsity field hockey coach for 31 years.

No documentation exists for her team’s records.  However, as Kathleen states, “… winning has not been an important factor for personal gain.  My philosophy has been for my team’s accomplishments.  My teams were the true champions whether they won or not.”

Her involvement in post-season/championship play includes: basketball championship, Wachusett League, 1972, Colonial League, 1990, 1993, 1994; field hockey, Wachusetts League, 1984 Division II Runners-up, 1995, District E championship, 1995; Colonial League, 1988, 1993.  Her softball teams were Wachusett champions in 1974, district III runners-up in 1986, and played in the Colonial League playoffs in 1990-1994.  They were District III runners-up in 1994 and District III champs in 1995.

UPDATE: “Kathleen L. Murphy passed away on June 14, 2010.  In May, 2011, the gymnasium at the Wichendon Elementary School was dedicated in her memory.”