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Lillian Perone, Connecticut – 2018

Lillian Perone, Connecticut – 2018

 Lillian Perone has been involved in sports since middle school where she considered herself fortunate to have positive female role models in her life who instilled an inner passion and commitment for excellence in all aspects of life.  This led her to choose a career in education so she could help lead others into an understanding of the value of fair play and teamwork in their lives.

                Lillian graduated UConn as a PE and HE major where she played field hockey and ice hockey.  With advanced degrees from Southern CT State and Sacred Heart University, she has spent 33 years in Greenwich, CT, as a teacher in the middle and high schools as well as coaching and/or officiating field hockey, basketball, softball, and golf.

                She advanced quickly as a rated field hockey official, working her first state field hockey tournament at age 21.  Since then she has officiated over 30 state final field hockey games as well as collegiate DI, DII, and DIII league and championship games.

                As a teacher, Lillian designed and infused Project Adventure classes into the curriculum, which helps develop a child’s critical thinking skills and sense of teamwork.  She has also developed new curriculum programs enabling students to prepare for “New Career Pathways” in Basic Life Support and Self Defense.

                In her current position of Lead Teacher and Department Head for Health, Dance and Physical Education for the Greenwich (CT) school system, Lillian is able to “mold the next generation of teachers who will educate our youth.”
“Together we foster a climate where student participation within the classroom will lead to a path of life long health and fitness.”