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M. Dorothy Massey, Rhode Island – 2000

M. Dorothy Massey, Rhode Island – 2000

“Throughout my professional career, I have been a strong advocate of women’s sport.  I have also had the opportunity to coach numerous sports.  In addition to teaching and coaching, officiating became a part of my sport involvement as an undergraduate and continued to be so for 30 years.  I was able to promote and support women’s programs in the state, nationally, and internationally.  {I have} a number of publications on the topic”

Dorothy has served as chairwoman of the Rhode Island and Southeastern Board of Officials for 10+ years.  She has also served on the Rhode Island Division for Girls and Women’s Sports Board for many years.

No written record of her wins and losses is available.  “The teams that I coached had many victories.  There are records at URI on file for basketball, field hockey, badminton, tennis and volleyball.  I held ratings in field hockey, basketball (National al Rating), and swimming.  As President of the Rhode Island Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation and of the Eastern District Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and as a board member of the American Alliance, I was a strong advocate of women’s sport.  I have served as the United States ambassador to the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women.  When I later served as vice-president of IAPESGW, I was involved with many international sport related opportunities.”

Dorothy has always been a strong advocate of every aspect of women’s sport.  She worked with the H.P. Hood Company to fund representatives from all of the New England states to attend an Institute to improve the performance from all of the women in the USA as future Olympians. 

“As you may know my active involvement with women’s sport dates back to a different era.  It is difficult to present the hours, intensity, and satisfactions obtained in a framework of the current situation.  Although many of today’s opportunities for women were nonexistent, there was much that was excellent, pure and ideal.  A great foundation upon which to build.”

Dorothy is a member of the University of Rhode Island Athletic Hall of Fame.