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Margaret “Maggie” Tieman, Connecticut – 2016

Margaret “Maggie” Tieman, Connecticut – 2016

Maggie received her professional training at the University of Vermont, Central Connecticut University and the University of the Rockies.  She was a wellness teacher and varsity field hockey coach at Lewis Mills High School from 2001 through 2015.   She was assistant softball coach at the University of New Haven, director of the Strides Field Hockey Camp and assistant director of the Northeast Basketball Camp.  She is currently certified as an NCAA Division I and FIBA International basketball official.

She was the CT Class S Field Hockey Coach of the Year in 2006, the EDA Teacher of the Year in 2007, the CT Class M Softball Coach of the Year in 2010, and the CT High School Coaches Association Field Hockey Coach of the Year in 2014.  This summer Margaret officiated the women’s basketball team’s pre-Olympic tour.

Maggie Tieman is referred to as the “Third Generation” with regard to her aspirations to become a teacher, coach, and administrator.  Suzi D’Annolfo and Karissa Niehoff (both New Agenda: Northeast Hall of Famers) were her lifelong mentors as she taught and coached.  She is currently completing her doctoral degree in Sport and Performance Psychology – her topic is “Supervisory Leadership Style and the Effects on Referee Job Satisfaction”.  Maggie also credits such coaches as Linda Dirga, Babby Nuhn, Kitty Palmer, Sue Kennedy, and Cyndie Adamski for mentoring and supporting her in her coaching and officiating careers.

“The work I have done in teaching, coaching, and officiating is a living example of what The New Agenda: Northeast provides and promotes: leadership for girls and women in sport.  I realize it is somewhat of a change of the guard, as I am now the one who is providing mentorship to many young women.”