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Marijka Alsbach, Massachusetts – 1993

Marijka Alsbach, Massachusetts – 1993

Marijka has been at Milton Academy since 1982 where she has served as a physical education teacher, coach, and athletic director.  She is currently co-department head and athletic director.  Prior to these years, she taught and coached in the public school sector.

Her coaching records at Milton include ISGA field hockey tournament play for 5 years, volleyball tournament play for 7 years, and tennis tournament play for 11 years, which include 3 first places in the ISL, 3 firsts in the N.E. Prep tournament, and participation in the National Team Tennis Championships in 1990 and 1991.  Her volleyball teams have place in the top three for 7 years and her tennis teams for 3 years.

Marijka has played for and captained the Dutch National Field Hockey Team, been ranked #2 in N. E. tennis doubles, and pitched in the National Slow Pitch Softball Tournament.  She currently plays and competes in golf.

Professional involvement has also been a part of Marijka’s life.  As a member of the Independent School League, she has served as secretary.  She has also served on the Advisory Board of the Eastern Massachusetts Independent School League.