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Mary Bennett McGinn, Massachusetts – 2000

Mary Bennett McGinn, Massachusetts – 2000

Mary McGinn has coached at Burlington High School for many years.  She has been freshman soccer coach for 5 years, freshman basketball coach for 8 years, JV field hockey coach for 12 years, and varsity softball coach for 18 years.  She has been a member of the Middlesex League while at Burlington High School.  She has coached Burlington to three post season tournaments.

Mary is a member of the Massachusetts Softball Coaches Association.  She has functioned as score keeper at the State Softball Games in Wilmington for six years.

As an athlete, Mary played in the first International Softball Tournament in Australia.  She has also given softball clinics in India, Holland, Germany, and Japan.

Mary was a charter inductee into the Burlington High School Athletic Hall of Fame on October 2, 2000.

“Through my coaching, I try to instill in the girls that winning or losing isn’t everything.  The ideas of commitment, sportsmanship, discipline, family, and school are more important for life preparation.”