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Mim Ryan, New Hampshire – 2010

Mim Ryan, New Hampshire – 2010

Mim Ryan has been involved in coaching field hockey, basketball, and softball for the past 30 years. She has coached her teams to state championships and has been recognized as Coach of the Year many times.  Mim is a member of the National Field Hockey Coaches’ Association 200 Victory Club.  She was inducted into the Newburyport High School (2002) and the New Hampshire Coaches Association (2007) Halls of Fame.

“The values that I learned (through athletics) are ones that I strive to live by and instill in my own players.”

For those athletes who wish to continue playing in college, she strongly endorses, supports, and advises them of their collegiate opportunities, and continues to follow-up and mentor them toward successful and rewarding careers.

“It’s nice to see them (my athletes) become teachers or coaches and make an impact on others in a positive way.”