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Patsy Kamercia, Connecticut – 2005

Patsy Kamercia, Connecticut – 2005

Patsy became involved with women’s sports in 1971 when she began teaching at the junior high school level where she coached basketball and softball.  In 1976, she moved into the new high school which had just been built, assuming the responsibilities as physical education teacher, coach, and athletic director.  It was at that time that the high school sports program began and she was coaching field hockey.

Patsy started an athletic program at Haddam-Killingworth High School in 1975 with ten girls’ and ten boys’ teams, a program which she ran until 1980.  In 1977 she started a field hockey program and she is still coaching the field hockey team.  She started the girls’ lacrosse program in 1998, a program maintained as a club until 2003 when it became a varsity sport.

Her field hockey teams have a lifetime record for 25 out of 28 seasons of 279-129-76.  Patsy’s post season coaching includes four state semifinals tournaments and four competitions at the state finals.  In 1994 her field hockey team won the State Championship.  Her teams have also won nine league championships.

Patsy is a member of the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame Committee.

“I feel blessed that I have been able to spend my whole career doing something I love to do.  My years in athletics have been rewarding, challenging, always changing, and wonderful.”