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Sarah Greeley, Massachusetts – 2013

Sarah Greeley, Massachusetts – 2013

Sarah began coaching with the youth basketball program and the high school field hockey team in her home town.  After graduation from Plymouth State College, NH, (BS) and Bridgewater State College, MA, (MS) in 1999, she has been teaching and coaching young women who were “purely recreational” athletes and others “who went on to be professional athletes”.

In 2006, Sarah founded a girls’ rugby team at Lincoln-Sudbury High School.  At that time there were no other local opponents to play.  Today there are 5 girls’ teams and she is working to support other schools interested in building a rugby program.  In 2010 she co-founded the Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization and serves as secretary.  She is also an instructor for the USA Rugby Coach Development Program.  She has taken a sport whose development had been provincial and male dominated to an organization that develops players at all youth levels, both boys and girls.  Sarah is especially proud to be a part of the growth of rugby for both girls and boys.

Sarah finds rugby a “beautiful sport” with 15 players that need 15 different skill-sets and body types.  She has found that young girls who were often eliminated from other sport offerings found a home on their rugby club. 

“Seeing these girls experience success and celebrate their strength and size is thrilling.”

“Sports have given me an amazing life.  Certainly my participation as an athlete has shaped me, and so too has my experience working with my student-athletes.  It is an honor to be a part of their lives, and an incredible joy to watch them grow.”