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Sharon Dupre, Massachusetts – 2010

Sharon Dupre, Massachusetts – 2010

Sharon Dupre received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bridgewater State College.  Following 4 years of coaching field hockey, basketball, and softball at St. Mary’s in Milford, MA, she established her career at Blackstone-Millville in 1974.  She coached softball until 2000 and continues to coach their field hockey team.

For the past 40 years, Sharon has been teaching and coaching sports that she loves.  “Each season has been special … for as much as I have taught my players about the game, they have taught me an equal amount about life.”  Through the years, her teams have won more games than they have lost, but she is proudest of her teams’ reputation for its play, attitude, behavior and respect shown to others.

Sharon has been honored as an Unsung Hero by the Girls and Women in Sport Committee.  She was a Division II Field Hockey Coach of the Year and also received recognition from the National Field Hockey Association for her 400th win.

“To be able to do something for 40 years and be able to walk away with the same enthusiasm that I walked in with, is a testament to the quality and character of players that have walked with me along the way.”