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Virginia C Slagle, Massachusetts – 2004

Virginia C Slagle, Massachusetts – 2004

For 34 years Virginia has been a physical educator in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.  During those years she coached tennis for 10 years, and officiated field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and softball at various levels from youth to college.

Virginia has been affiliated with the Boston Field Hockey Association, the Boston Board of Officials, the Eastern Massachusetts Women’s Lacrosse Association, and the American Softball Association.  She holds a local rating in field hockey, lacrosse, and softball, and a state rating in basketball.

Several of her teams have earned championship berths: 3 State Championships in field hockey and many sectional and division games.  They also won a State Championship in basketball and numerous tournament games.

Virginia has received the New Agenda: Northeast Distinguished Service Award in 2004. 

Virginia feels that it is important to make a difference in someone’s life every day.  “You never know who you are affecting or where you influence lands.  I love what I do and every day I try to impart my sense of fair play, honesty, the joy of sport, and living each day to the fullest to all of the students and athletes I encounter.”